12 January 2022

After the arrival of COVID-19 and the corresponding overwhelming demand for our services, we realize that scheduling and access to processing has been difficult. We are sorry for the tremendous difficulty that has placed upon our customers. We have struggled with this challenge and have worked harder than we ever have in the last 21 years in business. Between the struggles with supplies, parts and equipment availability, and the lightning quick changes in the job market, we find ourselves behind in our scheduling. We are working as fast as possible to fulfill orders in a quality fashion. We believe that this backlog is temporary and plan to be back to a more normal scheduling regimen by end of year. In the meantime; we strongly recommend to customers that if you wish to make an appointment for time slots that are currently filled, place your name on the cancellation list for the desired month. This is NOT a guarantee of an appointment, but as we receive cancellations (and some months we get a lot) it provides your name quickly to be called to fill appointments as they open. If you sell your animals or find other opportunities, simply let us know and we’ll adjust the list. If you have any questions, please feel free to email, use facebook or call us at our plant.